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Enjoy Hannah's stories of her incredible journey as she swims with dolphins and whales in the open ocean. In this beautiful full color book you will have a front row seat with Hannah as she set out on her adventures. Because she is a passionate storyteller, she is excited to share her experiences with you. Sit back and enjoy her multi-media show. She will challenge your assumptions and back up her ideas with plenty of great photography and paintings. It is obvious that she really wished you all could have been there with her, that is why she wrote this book. If you have a desire to follow in her footsteps, she includes a chapter on how you too can swim with dolphins and whales in the oceans.

While swimming in the ocean with wild dolphins and whales, Hannah has been able to connect with them both physically as well as energetically. Because of this attraction, dolphins and whales join with her in the warm ocean waters. Her background in photography and art has been an asset in making this book come alive with her stories and images which include her photography and paintings. Upon sharing her experiences with friends, Hannah soon realized the need to share this on a broader scale and this book was born. She has been a professional artist for most of her adult life, working in clay and painting. Having received a degree in video-production and engineering, Hannah also works in photography and video. 

Check out her dolphin and whale photography here.

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Enjoy this You Tube video that Hannah filmed as she swam with the spinner dolphins 

in Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii

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